The Heating Up!

You just finished that reeeally long call and feel the heat your phone emminates. For a second, you realize how perfect this would be when you've been stuck on a bus station, or on a ski slope without gloves. In winter, that is :-). Ondrej from BeefBrothers came with this idea, and teaming up with Rodolfo, we decided to make an app that would make icecream melt in despair! The core idea was to set heater intensity and frequency and let the phone warm your hands - or anything else that needs it. 

You could also watch the remaining battery time, aaand - "send the heat" to friend! All that was pretty nice, until we submitted this app, and surprise ... got rejected. Tried for maybe 5 or 6 times, but Apple was pretty strict in this one. It was not in line with the general App submission rules as it could possibly damage your phone. Well, we don't think so, but this blog is just about the only place where you can see that app :-).