STAN mobile app

Our new mobile app for STAN political party has received positive recognition at the Open Data Awards 2017!

The application makes available to the general public profiles of members of the political party "STAN", and allows them to find information on how they voted or how many times they were absent in the Czech Parliament.

At the same time, it allows citizens to keep track of current laws under discussion and stay informed about whether they have been approved or not. The jury also appreciated the fact, that this app was made possible by the STAN party itself and hopes that others will follow this concept. you can download the app here.

WordCamp Praha

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being charged with a new dose of energy after just listening to someone’s speech? Well, that´s how it felt on Saturday February 18th, 2017 at WordCamp Praha. The biggest conference in the Czech Republic devoted to the open-source content management system WordPress.

The conference was held at the University of Economics in Prague. You could choose from altogether 14 presentations that covered a wide range of different topics like WP security, most frequent mistakes of WP websites made by developers as well as by users. Of course it would not be a proper web conference without some good stories from the life of Google and its SEO practices, some good piece of advice regarding website preparation or UX that goes along the whole way of web development.

It was a whole day loaded with information, but still too short. Can’t wait for the next year’s conference!

Adopt your tree

If you've never planted a tree in your life, this one may be for you. Together with Prague 6 - Suchdol municipality, we created a website, where you can learn about 14 tree types, and sponsor them by donating a certain amount. 

There's a tiny road between Suchdol and Horomerice, both villages on outskirts of Prague. Lot of people go through there everyday and now with more than 50 new trees planted, they are in much better mood :-). Cyber Fox would like to sponsor this type of local fundraising activities. So if you would like to use this platform for a place where you live, drop us a note here!

The Heating Up!

You just finished that reeeally long call and feel the heat your phone emminates. For a second, you realize how perfect this would be when you've been stuck on a bus station, or on a ski slope without gloves. In winter, that is :-). Ondrej from BeefBrothers came with this idea, and teaming up with Rodolfo, we decided to make an app that would make icecream melt in despair! The core idea was to set heater intensity and frequency and let the phone warm your hands - or anything else that needs it. 

You could also watch the remaining battery time, aaand - "send the heat" to friend! All that was pretty nice, until we submitted this app, and surprise ... got rejected. Tried for maybe 5 or 6 times, but Apple was pretty strict in this one. It was not in line with the general App submission rules as it could possibly damage your phone. Well, we don't think so, but this blog is just about the only place where you can see that app :-).


Having a fourth beer in a row, Milos Cermak suggested to make a cool app once again. This time, it had to be something you crazy Instagrammers could find entertaining. Although a simple app, Ratemygram is a toy for photo fans who like to compete a bit. You can get an idea how it works at The trick is to use a specific hashtag that will pair you Instagram photos with the microsite.

Once you tag your photo, it will appear and compete with other random user photos. Immediately, you learn if your choice matches the majority of other voters (showing percentage) and also shows who voted. There are two ladders - one with the best photos for specific hashtag and second for overall best shots.